What if ? What if you made a lawsuit against the State of Texas and Oil Companies and WON ? What’s next ?

What if ? What if you made a lawsuit against the State of Texas and Oil Companies and WON ? What’s next ?

What if, you sued them for not paying out your rightful heir royalties? What is going to happen next ?

That’s what every Texas Spanish Land Grant heir should be thinking about right now! Why ?

Look we are a team, of business people and land grant owners. We are not people looking for the next quickest solution, or a partial settlement . We want it all, and we are sure you do too. So we advise you to read this article.

You should be thinking about it right now and doing something about it… because we all know the problems and one lawsuit cannot be the fix-it-all for all the problems.

NO Guarantee

Because no matter what TYPE Of lawsuit you do, for example seek damages for the billions of dollars that are withheld, that does not guarantee that the State of Texas will comply.

Who will hold them accountable, and what if they don’t comply ?

And.. if they are forced to comply by the suit, then you have a court holding them accountable, if they don’t then the next lawsuit. how many more lawsuits will you need so you can get paid out and force them to comply for not complying? Google personal injury case,

We are sorry to let you down, but anyone who has practiced law, been involved in a lawsuit or court case can understand this.


Most lawsuits involve the party to provide an agreeable settlement, so the State and Oil Companies at this point will try to muster a settlement, so they don’t have to comply, how long will that take and how many will go for it, or wait … ?


So what if they decide to comply ? Then they have to introduce laws through legislation to get a bill passed that becomes law, and in

the State of Texas meets every two years and if it does not pass?

then who will see fit that it becomes law? Will the governor veto it ? Does he have that authority ? how many more lawsuits will you need so you can get paid out ?


The suit will not release the funds, the suit will only seek damages and hopefully the court would ask the State of Texas to release the funds..


Which is the next thing, how will you get it? When ? There has to be a process and who will work all this out and how long will it take.


That’s just the beginning. We do not want you to lose hope, we all want our money. Then there is the fact that the law says, the heirs are not only supposed to receive royalties but “one-half of all bonuses, royalties and other benefits accruing from those leases.” See the laws and history https://thevoiceofchange.securehost.work/please-do-not-confuse-your-mineral-rights-and-history/

and where is that in the lawsuit, where is that money ? how many more lawsuits will you need so you can get paid out ?


Where is the accountability for the oil wells, ? what bill will ensure that Texas will go after all the royalties, bonuses and others that were not paid in ? How long will that take ? how many more lawsuits will you need so you can get paid out ?


Where is the accountability for the oil wells (gas and mineral and other drillings) that the state of Texas has not accounted for ? how long will it take to find them, and force the companies to pay and who will see that they comply both the companies and State of Texas ? how many more lawsuits will you need so you can get paid out ?


The next big problem.. how do you prove you are the next in line for the rightful heir ? The state is not accepting declatory judgements that prove it .. so who and what will mandate they accept them or another form, and how many more lawsuits will you need to prove your descendant rights so you can get paid out ?


The next big problem is how will you find all of your wells, maybe you have rights to more than one piece of land, how and who will do the research to find all the lands and wells there ? There is no system for the state of Texas for you to search and find them on the Claim it Website.. how will can you be rest assured the state is paying for them, ? What lawsuit will that take and how long?


So you have more than one drilling or digging ? How will you and the state show you a balance sheet of what has and has not been paid out to you ? what they are waiting for to receive ? What is still active and what is coming in ? Who will make this system and how long will a bill and law be placed to make it happen and how many lawsuits will it take to make sure it happens and how long ?

Now we hope we have you talking and thinking about it, because you should, you should be active in helping us introducing bills now, so they are set in place once the lawsuit is won, if it is won.

here is how you can help….

Are you tired of waiting for (promises) of Justice, then join us now and get involved . Think about it, how many years you have been waiting and fighting for justice, promises and you are saying to yourself, enough is enough.

Today the Texas Spanish Land Grant heirs are waiting once again for another move in the game of chess to try and secure some degree of justice.

Well it’s time then for you and all of the heirs to join us and get involved.

“It’s time to end corruption” and the second is “It’s time to act – Take a Stand for Justice” if you have any ideas please comment below.

1. Spread this fact that many do not understand, share this article with all your descendants families.

The most important thing to realize any legal action now taken is not going to release the claimittexas.org (the State of Texas) inheritance funds because their system does not recognize an official court judgment declaration.

2. Click here to donate now.

Gifts of $25, $50, $100 are a great start but there are some of you that can come up with more.  For those that give $50 or more, we will give you a free hat or t-shirt, and button.

As we gear up for this, we need to develop a local group of volunteers to help distribute the flyers, and stickers once the big announcement is made, you all know what that is.

3. Next help us with ideas for the bills that need to be in legislature and waiting we listed the problems above and each should be a separate bill.   you can read this article for what we are working on https://thevoiceofchange.securehost.work/are-you-tired-of-waiting-for-promises-of-justice-then-join-us-now-and-get-involved/