Can you believe the weekend is here?  We have some exciting things going on. Not to mention a confused website and Facebook posting about us.  We are not attorneys and you to consult your attorney for legal issues.  We want to make sure people are not misled.  I am not saying those websites or Facebook posts are competing with us, we don’t mind people doing their own activism and we are not saying those sites are not positive, you must decide who you follow click here.   Although it is wise to follow some legal advice, whoever you choose as your legal advisor.

For any of the Spanish Land Grant Heirs or the Hispanic population, please read our news and information section to stay updated.  Here is a recap of what happened this week.

We published :
Events coming up:

Check with your attorney about upcoming events going on.  A rally for her clients, please see her website

03/04/2015 Primary elections

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