We need some testers

Hello  VOC members and followers.  We have updated our payment system, we have three processors available.

We want to try out first processor and need

10 people to sign up for a membership, https://thevoiceofchange.securehost.work/members/register/

10 people to purchase a download from our store, https://thevoiceofchange.securehost.work/product-category/downloads/


10 people to make a donation. https://thevoiceofchange.securehost.work/donate/ 

You will have priority support.

If you recieve and error, please make a screen shot of the the page so we can figure it out, and please be patient ,we will have you try again until the payment is successful.

Our staff is maxed out on accounts in the VOC system, so we need other people who want to get involved to help.

Thanks for your help, lets make this network start moving once again