We are under terroristic attack due to a recent post

Just a big update, if you have not read our most recent post “the manifesto of the awakened”   to the big oil companies, goverment, finanical companies and others who have stolen, killed and robbed us of our inheritance (click here to read)  shortly after the post went live, just as Charlie Hebdo was attacked by terrorists, our network suffered attacks consistently until these terroristic (as we call them, you know the big oil companies, corrupt politicians, government agencies, financial firms, banks etc out to get our money) and these are local terrorist, creating terror on the Hispanic / Latino / American Spanish Land Grant Heirs.

Our web host and server host were fighting and blocking them, but they infiltrated one of the most secure networks on the internet.  They managed to cause our security protocols to shut it down.

We have spent the last 24 hours scanning for malware on our hosted servers provided by 1and1.  Thankfully their security team and our security coding only shut everything down, but locked our database and website down so hard, it was difficult to get back in.

In our efforts to restore the Error Connections and 500 Server Errors we accidentally deleted critical settings, images and files and those had to be restored from safe backups that had been scanned with high level security protocols.

We know the hacks originated from the United States, specifically some of the attack was from the state of Texas (not the government, the area / land ).

Well we will see as I am sure 1and1 will report those hackers information to the FBI (if they are not well paid off ) who knows if we will find them.

I remember our leader, you know our most valued attorney who fights for us, told us to get our war chest ready for battle.  So we are sure there is more to come before the victory is claimed.

Unfortunately we halted our payment processing systems, because of the attacks. A new system we were implementing, for the last months.  This has delayed us and hurt us financially, but it won’t stop the awakened