Uniting all the heirs groups and descendants

Many people in the last 24 hours are reacting hoping that the groups can unite.  We have been hoping this would happen also.  United we stand divided we fall.  One member just emailed us and asked how can we unite so that we don’t have problems. We are so glad people are thinking about the same thing.  After all our success this far has not been because of one person, it has been because of many people, the descendants, heirs, supporters of our cause.

We already had our site set up to mention group information, under our Info menu –> Groups, and each group could have information about their group.

We just added a new sub topic under news  “Group News”  we can ad sub topics under this for each group. Here is how it would work. One of your group leaders becomes a member of this site, then submits group news stories/information.  Each group can see their news, or other group news and we can share information, ideas, activism.

This will be great because we can help energize all groups , and work toward the same common goal, our justices and rights.