United we stand – a cause to bring us together

We have all heard this phrase

United we stand, divided we fall

the phrase comes from a song written by Tony Hiller and Peter Simmons.  It was first released in 1970 by The Brotherhood of Man (in their original, pre-Eurovision line-up), becoming the band’s first hit, peaking at #13 in the U.S., #9 in Canada, and #10 in the U.K.[1][2] – source   wikipedia

Well we also know his from post 9/11 as a spiritual chant and motto to bring us together.

We are in a battle right now, and it is time we lay our differences aside and come together.  TVOC is not pro an exclusive group of people, we are for all descendants. There are over 3.8 million Hispanic voters in Texas and this is who we reach out to unite.  We also reach out to all of the Spanish land grant descendants and heirs. We reach out to ever professional who will help us, or support our cause. We reach out to ever leader and politician who will back us and support us.

This network is started by a descendant and heir and is working to bring us together.  Our news comes from all sources, not to support one person, or a committee of people. We are here to bring you facts, and the truth that all of the descendants need to work toward one common goal.   So when you see news, maybe it is focused on a particular person or group, and the reason we posted it, is because that person or group are the people who are working hard, and doing many things to help us get our rightful inheritance.

That doesn’t mean You can’t do anything, in fact we hope this inspires many other groups, from the north, south, east, west and central Texas areas to begin to do something, instead of sitting back talking about it, or dreaming that it will happen.  Maybe it is because you pray, or you write letters to elected officials, or that you have a specific attorney, or group of attorneys, or other groups that are working toward change.  Then this is great, because that is one step toward uniting.  We would like you to unite with us, whether it be through membership, or volunteering, or using this site for information for your to become more active.  It takes all of us to work together to make change. It takes our voices, our hands, our hearts, our prayers, our unity to produce some positive results.

We are not divided, maybe we are opinions, and that is okay.  We are united! Let’s stay united and work together more than ever before.

Would you think about become a member or volunteer of this network ?

Thank you