Petition to to force the entities, governments, companies and/or individuals to pay the rightful duly and legally owed Texas Land Grant Heirs, the billions of dollars in royalties, bonuses, benefits, etc. of the type 2 mineral and other resources

The Roaring Texas Spanish Land Grant Giants Million+ Petition Project  weareonemillionstrong

We are working on 1 Million plus signatures for this petition, we want you to also sign our petition, but this petition is not limited to Spanish Land Grant Heirs. This petition is for peoples of any age, or group that want to back and get behind the Texas Spanish Land Grant Heirs. Please have every member of your family sign this individually, pass this on to everyone you know that can support us.   Each signature sends and email to the Governor of the State of Texas. This is our chance to roar with one loud voice, and let them know we will not be silent or back down until we win our civil rights!

We hereby decree



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