Spanish Land Grant Case Updates

The latest news from the Voice of Change , Texas Spanish Land Grant Heirs  Hispanic / Latino Network.

  1. Case Updates, please contact your group rep it is really urgent. We don’t discuss things here, but soon if you have not already heard, you will hear.  We are not discussing anything regard legal work and cases on the site, unless approved by the attorney.
  2. A bit of news from the latest hacking attacks. We spent the last few weeks cleaning up, basically the hackers from Texas.  This is what they accomplished, not much.  They tried to inject spamming code, but were blocked.  They uploaded 4 files, which were instantly disabled. They tried to delete content, through the code also.  They did not get access to any user/member information, that is stored on other servers and highly secure.  They only accessed the web file server from our 1and1 host.  We reported them to the authorities.
  3. Since this we have been working around the clock, no sleep to harden the security.
  4. The good news is, in this process we were able to speed up the site, and now instead of slow page loads, they are extremely fast.
  5. The downside is we disabled a tool for member downloads, but we are integrating a new tool that better, should be ready in a few weeks.
  6. The payment processing is still an issue, but we are working on it.  We switched from paypal, we had many complants, then we found out Paypal was against our efforts anyway.  We have two new processors, we are just working on the code to integrate secure payments. Once that is done, hopefully in a few weeks, we can again accept new members and donations.  If you want to donate outside of the site, please contact us via email.
  7. Volunteers, we are sorry , we know you want to help, but we got side tracked with all these problems.  We will get back with you soon
  8. Political elections.  Well this is one we don’t want to get involved in. We value each visitor and members choices.  We do urge you to vote. Please be aware that some of our team works with the Associated Press.  Many of the stories you hear, are outright lies and distortions. It makes choosing a candidate that much more difficult.  When there are exaggerations , there are lies, and where their are lies well you can see what is happening.  Maybe you wonder how our staff sides ? It is mixed some what, but also the same in we are tired of the same old injustice and our countries problems.  Many of our staff don’t want a leader that has been in power with such bad records, but then who is there to choose that is qualified?  We leave this up to you.  The important thing is to vote.  Get out and vote for who you think is best for our country and our cause.

That’s it except for financial reports, but nothing has changed, no income, just expenses and debt.  Sounds like the story of many of our lives. We will succeed and get back on top.

Wishing you the best