Renewal – We need your help

We need your help,  , thousands of people are watching, reading, viewing, listening.  Some are sharing, but less than .01 percent is supporting by joining or donating.

Our system will renew in a month, and to keep these efforts going and our new projects like a searchable database, we need your help.  It will cost us for the next year’s contracts $1500.00 to renew the domain , hosting and servers.

As you can see from our last financial accountability statement – (which there is no income received since the last statement except we are in the negative $-12,000.00)

We can tell our internet provider, we no longer need a domain, no longer need a powerful server, and our development company, we are cancelling the contract, but

we  have heard from many who want to keep this project going, there for we need your help in finding people who will join or donate to support us.

If in the next 30 days we get enough people, we will not cancel our obligations.

There is much difference between us and other networks. Some networks charge twice or three times as much to join and does not get the wealth of information this network provides daily, and weekly.

If 20 join at the professional level, 10 at the premium-friend, 5 at premium-contributaor, that will help pay the bill, if 5 people give $100 it will help pay the bill if 20 give $25 it will help pay the bill.   you see what we mean? What is $25.00  less than your family eating out one time.

We would like to see 10,000 of the heirs each giving $25 or more this would help us with some of our current projects.

We leave the choice up to you  click here to join, or click here to donate.

Maybe it will be one person, who decides this network and the future of the land grants and the heirs and other Hispanic issues are so important, and say enough is enough, let’s do something about it.