Our Team

All of our leadership team works on a volunteer basis and also helps funding this network out of their own personal expenses.

Gina joins us with a multiplicity of talents and is a Hispanic descendant. She works as an investigative reporter for the AP (Associated Press), and works for Weiss Luxenburg Law firm under covering tax and business fraud, and helping personal injury cases for companies and individuals.  She has strong skills in Investigation and is a legal professional.  Prior to this she worked on a legal team of a financial company and security consultant for Google Inc. She is one of the founders of this network, and assists as a volunteer in many of the areas we need her, investigations, legal, security, web site, helping members get active, journalism and more.

Michael joins us with some excellent talents he acquired from schooling and the AP. He is a legal advisory for our AP network team.  He is very creative and outspoken.  He brings fresh ideas helps balance our network. He works on a volunteer basis and is the third founder of this network, helping us sort out legal issues, but is also active in the network assisting investigations and providing solid news resources. He has a great talent for helping us locate resources we need, through his network of colleagues and experience.

Carlos works in security for the news media.  We found that he has a great talent for webdesign too. So he helps maintain and fix issues on this networks site.  Although he always puts on a tough guy look, he is one of the most friendliest people we know.  He is talented in making sure issues are address and resolved.  Sometimes he pushes us out of our comfort zones.  He volunteers his time helping the backbone of our the network, and is very active behind the scenes.

Victoria is a Hispanic business professional and currently helping locate content, and editing articles.  She freelances for the media, and works for a financial firm as a COO. When she heard about the injustice she was ready to get involved.

Rob brings to the network a nice set of skill sets in journalism and photography.  He works for the AP and also has his own freelance consulting work. He was active as a campaign manager for several political campaigns.  He worked for several years as a paralegal while in college and in administration.  He is one of the founders of  this network and assists as a volunteer in photography, graphic design, journalism, and any other area that needs filled.

John (Juan) is a business leader in Hispanic rights, IT and business/financial services.   We have been colleagues with John for years.  He brings the other balance to our team, helping us engage Hispanic rights, making sure we have solid IT infrastructure, and helping lead our network/organization.  He is instrumental in helping us design a network that is affordable for it’s members.

Concetta is a Hispanic marketing guru. She comes to us via a loan, from one of the companies that helped sponsor our start.  She works as the Marketing and Creative Services Director.  She offers her expertise to our network.

Edwardo is a Hispanic business professional.  He is an investment and financial advisor consultant. He brings to us advice we need for our investments and financial goals.

Christine is a financial expert, she is helping us work on the funds and the legalities to the funds being released, along with our legal experts we are in partner with.

Andy is a business professional. He works managing several businesses.  He is helping us coordinate the management of this network and working on finding other business supporters.

Ricardo is a media consultant.  He works in the media/news industry providing expert consulting. When we need advice, we look to him.

Martin is a business leader.  He works managing fortune 500 companies, and comes to us as a friend of the founders.

If you would like to join us on our team, as a volunteer of course, please let us know.  We are looking for some additional team members who can help us with some of our current causes.

– Fundraising Campaigns
– Grant & Foundation Research & Writing
– Film/Video Editing & Creation
– Digital Photography Editing, Database, Etc.
– Public Relations & Journalism

We are also looking for coordinators:

– Group Info and Unity Coordinator
– Elections cause coordinator
– Petitions coordinator
– Demonstration coordinator

and of course any of the areas found listed in get involved click here to read