Land Grant Payouts are coming information you need to know

Payouts are coming.  Information you need to know and what you need to do to act and get them.

Payouts cannot not happen, unless new laws are enacted to allow them to be paid out.

If you don’t believe it, and you don’t act in the next months, you will be waiting another 3 or 5 years.

To help you understand, the State of Texas does not recognize Declaratory Judgement to prove you are a legal are to

Just go ahead and try, you enter your name, you won’t find anything. Next contact them and fax or email your certified Declaratory Judgement that you got from your attorney, in the city court house where your land originates.

They will say, “sorry we cannot accept this as a valid form of proof of heir

as we learned from the State of Texas Comptroller during the commission hearings.

So then what does it take ?

It takes a change in the law, and a lawsuit cannot do that!  Especially if settling under the table without a court’s decision.    A court could recommend, but only a law can provide the means of getting a payout.

So then all this litigation is a waste of time ?

No, it is not a waste of time, it will help us get paid, but a lawsuit or changes in the law must take place after a settlement is reached, in or out of court.

So how do we go about it ?

As you may or may not know, the State of Texas legislator only meets only every two years. We are working with them to introduce these things now, so that we are ready to go and hopefully they will sync with the big win so that we can get payouts earlier.

This is the first bill we are working on

Bill 81x – Declared Descendants linked to official accounts at the unclaimed property

This bill was introduced to help at to be recognized as an heir.  What this bill would do is match the State of Texas comptrollers office records at to an official court judgment declaration (certification that you are a legal heir of the property).  The courts would decide (many of the heirs already have declaratory judgement) who the latest living heir is and has a right to claim.

A new bill is being worked on, to make it to the house, because the last bill there was not enough outside heirs pushing and the representatives were pressured with more important legislation.


But to make this happen, we need funding to lobby and convince the representatives we are working with to introduce these new bills, and we need your donations to help, you and your families.  Even in hard times, you can make 10, 20, 50 or 100 to reach our goals.

We need your help

No one person or team can make this happen, it takes money to send letters, get lobbyists, make phone calls to our representatives that are already working with the Voice of Change.  Without it, we can only send emails, we are not a self supported non-profit, we need your help.

Please get this article out to everyone in your group and family, so they realize the urgency.

Things are tough with lockdowns and the corona crisis, but now many are at home and can give a little, $10, $20, $50, $100  and some can afford to raise more. If every family would chip in a few dollars it can go a long ways.

If we don’t do anything then legislature will meet next year without any new bills.  Then we wait until 2023 and hope heirs get up and give and help make it happen or payouts won’t come until another 5 or 10 years. It all depends on YOU.



Bill 82xx – Payouts oversight and audits

This bill will ensure audits of the oil, gas and mineral companies to make sure they are paying in.  It will audit the State of Texas to ensure payments are paid out correctly.

Bill 83xx – Payout options

This bill will force the state to allow payout options, they would have a place on their claimit website for you to log in, get one lump sum, or partial lump sum, with payouts weekly, monthly, yearly as you wish.  This will help avoid paying excessive taxes, because if you keep payments below a minimum amount, they are not subject to higher taxes.

Bill 84xx – System reporting

We want the State of Texas to have a dashboard for each heir, that shows updates of paid in and pay outs.  It must be like an online bank system, so you can see, and track each of your wells, submit unclaimed wells, see what is in process.  Otherwise there is no audit and we learned we can’t trust them to do this on their own.

Please read our recent article on all bills here