Know your enemies, be wise and don’t give up

Lately there is a lot of news about descendants off doing their own thing, starting their own  organizations, having meetings and asking about information.

I hope this story hits home with you.  One of our members, family members decided years back to become a secret enemy and the intentions were not good.  The member, we will call him Sandra to keep the identity safe, did not know about her own mother was doing.  When there is money at stake, as we are well aware of, greed is also present.

When we think about our enemies, we do not think about our own family, or relatives, we think about strangers, and the government, and the oil companies.  Sandra had much to inherit after her father passed away.

She had seen something like this from her mother, when she was younger but did not understand.  She told her mother that when her grandfather passed, that he had left her money for college.  Sandra’s mother told her, that during the reading of the will, which her mother did not let her attend, her name was not mentioned, and it looked like at the last moment her grandfather changed the will.  To make things right the grandmother, then put in her will, for her grandchildren, to give enough money to pay for all of their college education.

When Sandra’s father passed away, she knew he had put millions of dollars away for the family.  However, the mother and the son came together, to hire an attorney and change the will, so that Sandra and Sandra’s other sibling would not get anything.  That’s when Sandra wised up, and questioned her mother. Her mother told her, she had all her information wrong, the inheritance always goes to the mother and the eldest child.  Sandra, not so wise did not understand this and kept this to herself.

A few years later when her grandmother passed away, Sandra found out that somehow the grandmother had changed the will.  Years later, Sandra put two and two together and realized, it was her mother and brother changing the wills.  Sandra’s mother claimed to be a Christian, but said she had a weakness for spending money and had changed some things.  But, her mother made light of it and said it was not as much money as you think anyway, just a few hundred and not much to worry about.  When Sandra and her other sibling pressed the mother more. The mother began to make public insults about her children, and had the mother’s friends gang up on her own children advising them to respect and honor their mother.

Then when news came about this land grant, Sandra did not hear about it from her mother, but from a slip of her brother.  Sandra’s mother was trying to steal this land grant also, but because she was not in the blood-line, she could not do anything. However, her mother tried and is still trying to this day.

Maybe you have not had an experience like this, but Sandra when she was trying to prove her descendant, was informed from her group leader that all sorts of companies were trying to get their hands on the oil and gas, including activists that were against such drilling.

So when you here about some meeting, in a city some place, or someone asks you about your case and your grant information, be wise. Tell them, you are working on it.  If they press it, tell them under attorney-client privilege you cannot discuss the case because of on going litigation.  If they really want help with their own process, advise them to contact and pay for an attorney.

Families are known to fight among themselves. Look at our history, people were murdered for the land and the monies.  Our lands were stolen from us.

If you want to get involved with this network, we are about promoting unity, activism,  and providing information and resources to help people understand their rights and express their rights, through voting and other measures.

Like Sandra, don’t give up ever, keep on believing and fighting.