Important Announcement for all Texas Spanish Land Grant Heirs

This is an important announcement for all the Texas Spanish Land Grant Heirs

As you know our website is back permanently.  It is also back up and gearing up for what is coming next.

Moving forward we are brainstorming slogans that will help in the fight. Probably the first and most important is

“It’s time to end corruption”  and the second is “It’s time to act – Take a Stand for Justice” if you have any ideas please comment below.

The most important thing right now is that we raise money, to purchase hats, t-shirts, buttons, flyers, stickers, supplies etc. What can you give ?

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Gifts of $25, $50, $100 are a great start but there are some of you that can come up with more.  For those that give $50 or more, we will give you a free hat or t-shirt, and button.

As we gear up for this, we need to develop a local group of volunteers to help distribute the flyers, and stickers once the big announcement is made, you all know what that is.

As for any information about the big announcement, please contact your group representative.

Click here to donate now.