FOWLER & MORGANROTH Facebook Events and Raffles Texas Spanish Land Grant Heirs

Don’t miss this and share with all of your family and relatives (clients of Mrs. Fowler)  .  Thank you.

Mrs. Fowler has asked us to share all of this in our network, so no one gets left out.  We created Facebook events so people could get information quickly and share with their families and groups.

The Arena Event is here  with direct links to the tickets, however for information please follow Mrs. Fowlers Website or Facebook site 

You can also contact her committee members for more information, as we are sure she is over flooded in her emails.

The raffle information and events are here: There are two separate raffles you can join both, you do not have to be present to win.

Again please join these facebook events and share them with everyone and encourage them to share them with everyone in their family and groups. You can check to see if it is sold out, but as of this post, there are still seats available.