El Potrero de Buena Vista in Cameron County – the Los Porciones Series

Manuel de la Garza y Soza was the original grantee of the land grant known as El Potrero de Buena Vista in Cameron County which bordered the Laguna Madre. He received this grant in 1828.

I found an excerpt from a lawsuit in which this land was in dispute: While I don’t necessarily like the lawsuit aspect, the history behind the land is fascinating and discussed. Here is a brief excerpt from the document (which I have if anyone is interested):

The ultimate issue in this dispute between the State of Texas (defendant below, by consent, and respondent here) and the plaintiffs, Luttes et al. (our petitioners) is the title to some 3,400 acres of mud flats or former sea bottom in Cameron County lying along, and alleged to be accretions to, the mainland or westerly edge of the long, narrow lagoon known as Laguna Madre, about fifteen or twenty miles north of Port Isabel and the mouth of the Rio Grande River, and about fifteen miles south of Port Mansfield on the Laguna. The Laguna, of course, lies between the mainland on the west and, on the east, the long, narrow, sandy island called Padre, the eastwardly side of which latter is the shore of the Gulf of Mexico.

The flats about to the west upon a line of the upland or mainland characterized by a steep angle of elevation, although the altitude of the land along this line is hardly enough to justify the name ‘bluff line’ which the parties call it. This line was the original easterly boundary of the now admittedly valid 1829 grant of lands on the mainland from the Mexican State of Tamaulipas to Manuel de la Garza Sosa, to whose rights the petitioners-plaintiff have succeeded. The grant, known as Potrero de Buena Vista, stipulated as its easterly or seaward boundary the westerly ‘shore’ of the Laguna.


Special thanks for all the research to: Maria Rebecca Lara-Garcia. All content used with permission