Clearing up some confusion, Robert Gonzalez from South Texas has nothing to do with this network – and we are trying to working together with Mrs. Fowler

There seems to be some confusion still, when people visit this site, want to get involved, and have heard rumors.  We have talked about this together as a team of founders and decided the best thing to do is be open about this.

First of all, the Robert Gonzalez from South Texas ,the one that has slandered and defamed Mrs. Fowler publicly, has nothing to do, and never has done anything with this network, and will never be allowed into network, he is banned as long as he continues to destroy unity between the heirs. He probably does not even know about this network.  We support Mrs. Fowler  100% and pray for her every day.

There is not one shred of truth that this Robert was a part of this network, we solemnly swear  that the evidence that we give, is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God. Robert has never been part of this network, and never will be.

Someone started some  about the site around Jan 7th, through Facebook comments on another persons page, the post that had much misunderstandings in it, but now the post is removed.  There is much confusion and disunity between some of the Spanish Land Grant Heirs still to this day since that post.  Robert Gonzalez from South Texas has never had anything to do with this network, this was found by some heirs, and other Hispanic descendants who are active people and support our efforts, in fact we have a team of people that work for the AP who are volunteering their time, resources, legal insight and more.

We posted a post about some mis-understandings, a few weeks ago, which should of cleared some things up, but there are always new visitors, and people who have heard about this network, and when they talk among people who heard the rumor, they are not so inclined to unify and are still confused.  This definitely is stifling our in  many ways.  We want to clear this confusion and the lies right now.

After some mis-undertandings were cleared up, Attorney Eileen M Fowler requested that we list her as an Attorney on this website, also has requested us to post information about her heirs group.  You have seen our posts concerning these requests if you keep up with our news.  She has requested that anyone wanting to donate to litigation to please donate to her HEIRS membership group, the information is in our group section.   If you want to donate to our active causes for example, petitions, elections, demonstrations, activism then donate here on this network.  

There is stuff we have not mentioned because Mrs. Fowler has asked us to limit some information because of some of the big things going on with Morganroth and Morganroth, and we always continue to honor her with this request.

She has asked our network to help urge unity to the descendants, and suggest fund raising venues, and other activism.  She is looking into some of our suggestions for fundraisers, and we will keep you posted.

We have been working together with Mrs. Fowler

since Jan 12th, and as a part of this cooperation, we frequently ask her permission to post many of our news articles, as we want to make sure that we are interfering with any of the legal professionals, and we are certainly not legal professionals, although we have a few on our team. When we began this network we were not connected with her, but with other people who were supporting our cause. At some point in the future, slowly but surely she will let people know we are trying to work together, because we all want unity. 

So now that we have this confusion cleared up, it will be up to you to trust, after all we are not doing anything negative here, as you can see all of our efforts are positive in achieving the same common goals.   We have members that already know about what we just made public, and they are behind us 100%, we hope you will lay aside differences, rumors, things that have no truth to them at all, and unify together with the growing numbers.

We hope for the new members or those members that are wavering a little, will pray for us, and begin to unify with our efforts. We can not do this alone we need all of the heirs unified together to make a change.

Please if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.