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Oil and Gas Royalty Payouts ** Important Update ***

Wow in 2017-2018 over 3.5 billion of Oil and Gas royalties were paid in, just think oil was discovered 119 years ago in Texas, and the biggest part of the boom paid a lot more than that in, in total in 2019 - 2.173 billion.  Disclaimer:  Normally you get  updates through other channels but because you [...]
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A clients case is confidential, even if you are a group leader – Attorney Client Privilege

Gina Dixon, Investigative Reporter / Legal Expert / Paralegal We received a couple emails from Spanish Land Grant Heirs asking us about recent disclosures from the Attorneys working on the Heirs case.  The disclosures are coming from Group Representatives, not just one to single out. People like to talk and share information. Recently, one of […]

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the Calm before the Storm – Something big is getting ready to happen to bring us Justice! #VOC

#The #calm before the #storm.. Something Big is about to bring us Justice! We are now 30,000+ strong, and reach over 6.7 Millon Hispanic / Latinos [youtube width=”450″ height=”250″][/youtube] We are seeking justice for people whose ancestors’ #land was taken from them by outright theft, fraud, and/or political chicanery. We work as the #Voice […]

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