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The Voice of Change Shop Purchasing is Working Again

Thanks for your patience. Our shop, which many items are free is working again. [button icon=”” size=”small” backgroundcolor=”#dd0202” color=”#ffffff” target=”_self” link=””]SHOP NOW[/button] You can download supplements, reports, PR tools, Fundraising Forms, and so much more. We apologize as this is an additional expenditure for us, but many members dislike paypal, so we removed paypal and […]

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We need some testers

Hello  VOC members and followers.  We have updated our payment system, we have three processors available. We want to try out first processor and need 10 people to sign up for a membership, 10 people to purchase a download from our store, and 10 people to make a donation.  You will have priority support. […]

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Clearing up some confusion, Robert Gonzalez from South Texas has nothing to do with this network – and we are trying to working together with Mrs. Fowler

There seems to be some confusion still, when people visit this site, want to get involved, and have heard rumors.  We have talked about this together as a team of founders and decided the best thing to do is be open about this. First of all, the Robert Gonzalez from South Texas ,the one that […]

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