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the Calm before the Storm – Something big is getting ready to happen to bring us Justice! #VOC

#The #calm before the #storm.. Something Big is about to bring us Justice! We are now 30,000+ strong, and reach over 6.7 Millon Hispanic / Latinos [youtube width=”450″ height=”250″][/youtube] We are seeking justice for people whose ancestors’ #land was taken from them by outright theft, fraud, and/or political chicanery. We work as the #Voice […]

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Next Texas Energy Boom will land grant heirs get anything

Seems like there is always something  working in the background to make profits off our lands.  We need your help to keep going, please make a donation or  Join our network FORT STOCKTON, Texas—A new energy boom is taking shape in the oil fields of west Texas, but it’s not what you think. We are asking some […]

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