Are you tired of waiting for (promises) of Justice, then join us now and get involved

Think about it, how many years you have been waiting and fighting for justice, promises and you are saying to yourself, enough is enough.

Today the Texas Spanish Land Grant heirs are waiting once again for another move in the game of chess to try and secure some degree of justice.  During the wait, patience weakens, frustration enters, arguments with loved ones, people being negative, talking about doing something else.

Well it’s time then for you and all of the heirs to join us and get involved.

“It’s time to end corruption”  and the second is “It’s time to act – Take a Stand for Justice” if you have any ideas please comment below.

The most important thing right now is that we raise money, to purchase hats, t-shirts, buttons, flyers, stickers, supplies etc. What can you give ?

Spread this fact that many do not understand

The most important thing to realize any legal action now taken is not going to release the (the State of Texas) inheritance funds because their system does not recognize an official court judgment declaration.

What does this mean?  It means you are only getting relief in damages, it means that you will only get settlements not even worth a few pennies what is really owed to you.

Please explain this to each other.  That is why we have been working on solutions to get your money from the State officially, but first we need your help.

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Gifts of $25, $50, $100 are a great start but there are some of you that can come up with more.  For those that give $50 or more, we will give you a free hat or t-shirt, and button.

As we gear up for this, we need to develop a local group of volunteers to help distribute the flyers, and stickers once the big announcement is made, you all know what that is.

Click here to donate now.

Legislation that works

Bill 81x – Declared Descendants linked to official accounts at the unclaimed property

This bill was introduced to help at to be recognized as an heir.  What this bill would do is match the State of Texas comptrollers office records at to an official court judgment declaration (certification that you are a legal heir of the property).  The courts would decide (many of the heirs already have declaratory judgement) who the latest living heir is and has a right to claim.

A new bill is being worked on, to make it to the house, because the last bill there was not enough outside heirs pushing and the representatives were pressured with more important legislation.

Bill 82x – Help the State of Texas regulate the royalties paid out.

This is another bill that did not even make it to the second round, nor to the floor. It was supposed to help make sure the royalities are being paid out and the royalties are being paid in, and punish the oil companies for not paying in.

More bills are in the works, a system that will understand genealogy and other systems to help you prove ancestry and get your rightfully due monies.

You can read about them here 

So it’s now time to push for the next step that will help get money into your hands, are you going to help, then we hope to see people donating and contacting us to get involved.