2015 Jul-Dec Hispanic Network Goals

The Voice of Change Hispanic / Latino Civil Rights Movement

Hispanics are one of the fast growing populations in the United States.  There are over  54 Million Hispanics living in the US, and over 30 million eligible Hispanic / Latino voters but less than 49% are registered and active voters.  We want to see this change America for the better and change the Hispanics lives and dreams. The largest group of Hispanic people is found in New Mexico (47.3 percent), followed by California with 14.4 million. They are also heavily represented in Texas (10 million) and Florida (4.5 million). In addition, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York all have more than one million Hispanic residents.


  1. Build a broader Hispanic Voter Base. Engage them in voting, over 80 of Hispanics that can vote,would rather not vote, we want to turn that around to 80% who understand it is necessary for them to vote. Our first goal is to add 5 million more users to the voting population, starting in Texas and California. When we reach that we will work for the rest of the 30 million who are not registered and or active.  In 2014 Hispanics made up 8% of total voters,  black voters 12% and whites 75%. We believe we can change the Hispanic number  to 15% in 2016.
  1. Education is the number one issue of importance to Hispanics. Hispanics and Latinos believe our education system needs a reform. VOC will push new campaigns to help activate this issue. Hispanic communities face other education issues. Some schools are beginning programs to meet the needs of Hispanic students.  We want to see this trend grow.
  2. Jobs is the second issue of importance to Hispanics. Hispanics consider themselves to be discriminated against when seeking jobs. They see more whites and blacks getting the jobs over them. However in the workforce, those employers that hire Hispanics, find a more hardworking employee who is reliable and responsible. VOC will start new campaigns to make this issue at the forefront.
  3. Economy is the third most important issue to Hispanics. Many Hispanic / Latino families cannot even afford to have internet, while other races this is not an issue. One of the most concentrated number of people in poverty is the Hispanics.  VOC would like to address this with equal rights.  Our economy can only be changed by the people we elect and the people who are in leadership in business. We want to see this change through elections, awareness and programs.
  4. Health care is the fourth most important issue. Most healthcare is not affordable to Hispanic families or single Hispanic people. There needs to be a change in quality and affordable healthcare for all groups of people.  Those who cannot afford healthcare should be provided healthcare.
  5. While immigration is about the 10th most important issue and effects about 35% of the Hispanic population. VOC wishes to remain proactive in this area. We believe immigration reform will help America to be able to provide jobs for its own American citizens.
  6. Identity many Hispanics do not want to be considered Hispanic, because of discrimination. We want to change this so the Hispanics can be proud of their Identity.
  7. While we did not mention the Spanish Land Grant Heirs goals, we will continue to pursue active campaigns and causes. We are also working on a Database project, and will be announcing fundraising and details about this in the coming months.